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What Should Men Wear to a Summer Wedding? A Guide to Stylish Men’s Suits

Wedding season brings joy and excitement, but with the warmth of summer, the question of what to wear for that special occasion becomes a significant task. Selecting the perfect summer wedding suit is an art that balances style and comfort, not only for the groom but for everyone attending the celebration. Mr. Guild‘s experts have curated a guide to stylish men’s suits for summer weddings, where fashion meets functionality.

Deciphering dress codes, from casual beach weddings to formal black-tie affairs, can leave even the most fashion-savvy gentlemen scratching their heads. The key? Understanding that style and comfort go hand in hand.

Beyond the dress code, this guide aims to underscore the significance of giving careful thought to your summer wedding attire, not just for the groom but for everyone attending. A well-fitted and stylish summer wedding suit is more than just clothing; it’s a confidence booster, enhancing your overall appearance and ensuring you shine at the celebration. And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank. Get ready to show up to the function and show out on the dance floor in style, all while keeping your cool under the summer sun.

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff—summer wedding dress codes designed exclusively for the gents. Keep reading to discover the perfect ensemble for the upcoming celebration. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this style scoop!

Summer Wedding Dress Codes fo Men

Alright, let’s talk wedding dress codes because, believe it or not, they’re more important than you might think. Understanding the dress code is crucial for the groom, as his attire sets the tone for the event, and equally important for groomsmen and wedding guests to ensure a harmonious visual narrative.

What are common dress codes for summer weddings?

As the wave of nuptials rolls in, each invite comes adorned with a unique set of sartorial guidelines outlining the unspoken rules of summer wedding attire. 

  • White Tie:

At the pinnacle of formality sits the White Tie affair, a grandiose spectacle where men don tuxedos with tails, white waistcoats, and the obligatory white bow tie.

Elevate your White Tie ensemble with the timeless elegance of Mr. Guild’s meticulously tailored tuxedos, ensuring you stand out in the most opulent gatherings.

  • Black Tie:

Moving to a slightly less formal but equally refined setting, the Black Tie affair encourages gentlemen to choose a classic tuxedo. Pair it with a sleek black bow tie and polished leather shoes, skipping the tails.

Make a statement in the sophisticated simplicity of Mr. Guild’s Blazer collection, marrying classic design with contemporary flair for an impeccable look at any upscale event.

  • Semi-Formal:

For those embracing the charm of Semi-Formality, the dress code calls for a timeless suit and tie, allowing for subtle expressions of personal style through color and footwear choices.

Embrace the charm of Semi-Formal occasions with Mr. Guild’s versatile suits, offering a perfect balance of sophistication and individuality through a range of styles and colors.

  • Cocktail Attire:

Striking a perfect equilibrium between formal and casual, Cocktail Attire invites men to embellish their suits with playful details—vibrant colors or captivating prints.

Elevate your Cocktail Attire with Mr. Guild’s stylish suits, designed to seamlessly blend sophistication with a touch of playfulness, ensuring you make a memorable impression at any social gathering.

  • Beach or Tropical:

Meanwhile, the Beach or Tropical dress code offers a breath of fresh air for seaside weddings, encouraging the selection of suits crafted from light, breathable fabrics in a palette mirroring the sun-kissed surroundings.

Embrace the relaxed elegance of beach or tropical events with Mr. Guild’s lightweight and breathable suits, reflecting the vibrant spirit of the occasion while ensuring you stay comfortably stylish.

Following these directives is more than just a matter of style; it’s a gesture of respect toward the hosts and an acknowledgment of the occasion’s significance. In instances where the dress code remains elusive, erring on the side of overdressing proves to be a prudent choice, ensuring one is suitably attired for the celebration. The quest for the perfect suit involves consideration of factors such as dress code formality, venue ambiance, and prevailing weather conditions. Whether opting for a light-colored linen suit for a beach wedding or a dark suit or tuxedo for a black-tie affair, aligning the attire with the event’s essence is key to embodying the spirit of the celebration.

What are Some Lightweight and Breathable Suit Fabrics Suitable for Summer?

Choosing the right fabric for a summer wedding suit is beyond mere aesthetics.The decision on the right fabric for a summer wedding suit holds significance not just for the groom but also for groomsmen and wedding guests, ensuring everyone experiences comfort under the sun. Lightweight and breathable materials, including classic linen, crisp cotton, and stylish seersucker, emerge as the go-to options for the discerning wearer. These fabrics stand out for their ability to harmonize with warm weather, ensuring a comfortable and stylish experience. Picture yourself under the summer sun, exchanging vows outdoors; it becomes evident why these fabrics take center stage. 

What are the Benefits of Lightweight and Breathable Suit Fabrics?

The benefits of lightweight and breathable fabrics, such as linen, cotton, and seersucker, extend far beyond their visual appeal. These fabrics prioritize breathability, welcoming a gentle breeze to keep you cool during celebrations. Their excellent moisture-wicking properties ensure you stay comfortable and composed even in the sun’s warmth. Fabrics like linen, known for their strength and durability, enhance the longevity of your ensemble. The touch of natural fibers such as cotton and linen enhance the comfort of your wedding attire, imparting a soft and luxurious feel. For daytime weddings, characterized by a more casual atmosphere, lighter fabrics and festive colors take precedence. Semi-formal to black-tie affairs demand suits and cocktail dresses that exude sophistication. 

How Do You Choose the Right Fabric for a Wedding Outfit Based on the Dress Code and Time of the Event?

When the wedding is in the spring or summer, pastel linens or rich wools might be appropriate, aligning seamlessly with the seasonal aesthetics. For beach weddings, a suit made from breathable linen or a wool-linen blend is often recommended. During the whirlwind of wedding preparations, bear in mind that the fabric you choose has the ability to impact not just your comfort but your entire style narrative. Take a moment to weigh the options, consider the occasion and the weather, and most importantly, choose a fabric that makes you feel confidently impeccable on that special day.

What are Suitable Colors and Patterns for Summer Wedding Suits?

Summer weddings bring a vibrant and celebratory atmosphere, and choosing the right colors and patterns for your suit can elevate your style while ensuring comfort in warmer temperatures. Grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests alike can explore the vibrant and celebratory atmosphere of summer weddings by choosing light neutrals, pastels, or vibrant shades for their suits.

  • Light Neutrals

The choice of beige, cream, or off-white reflects a keen understanding of the season’s essence. These colors have a practical advantage in warmer weather, as they reflect sunlight and help to keep you cool. Additionally, they convey a sense of timeless elegance, making them suitable for a variety of occasions. The subtle charm of these light neutrals is perfect for those who appreciate classic style with a modern twist. Mr. Guild’s men’s suits in light neutrals are a celebration of understated sophistication. 

  • Pastels

The use of light blue, mint green, or blush pink adds a soft and gentle touch to your ensemble, creating an air of romance that aligns perfectly with the ambiance of a wedding. These pastel shades are visually pleasing, conveying a sense of thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Mr. Guild’s pastel-colored men’s suits embody refined charm and sophistication.

  • Vibrant Shades

Whether it’s shades of blue, green, or light purple, these colors inject personality and energy into your look. Ideal for individuals seeking to make a statement in a crowd, these vibrant suits enhance a lively and stylish atmosphere. Choose these suits when you want to express confidence, individuality, and a sense of adventure in your fashion choices. Mr. Guild’s men’s suits in vibrant shades are designed for those who want to make a bold statement

Why is Choosing the Right Colors Essential?

Choosing the right colors is essential, and here’s why:

Seasonal Appropriateness

Lighter colors are ideal for the summer, not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their practicality in reflecting sunlight and keeping you cool.

Aesthetic Consistency

Your suit color should harmonize with the overall wedding color scheme, creating a visually cohesive experience for everyone attending.

Photogenic Appeal

The right colors enhance your appearance in wedding photos, capturing the joyous moments with timeless elegance.

How Can You Incorporate Patterns Into Summer Wedding Suits?

As you prepare for the summer weddings on your calendar, keep these color palettes and pattern suggestions in mind. Remember that the key is to choose one that resonates with your style and the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Patterns are another way to add flair to your summer wedding suit:


An embodiment of tactile allure and visual intrigue, the basketweave pattern bestows a textured dimension to your ensemble. Emulating the intricacies of a woven basket, it stands as a distinctive choice, intertwining contemporary aesthetics with a hint of tradition. The elaborate weave imparts a nuanced visual charm, making it an impeccable option for those who savor the art of meticulous detailing.


The birdseye pattern emerges as a refined texture, adding depth and visual allure to your suit and crafting an ensemble exuding both elegance and understated grace. The adaptability of birdseye patterns to a spectrum of colors renders them a versatile selection, especially fitting for the canvas of summer weddings.


The chequered pattern injects a bold and dynamic dimension into your attire. Characterized by larger squares and a pronounced pattern, chequered suits boldly declare a stylish presence without overwhelming the senses. This choice is tailor-made for those who aspire to showcase a confident and flamboyant flair.


Graph patterns bestow a sleek and geometric edge to your summer wedding ensemble. Defined by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, the graph pattern introduces a touch of sophistication.


Houndstooth boasts a distinctive two-tone design, infusing a touch of heritage into your suit. The small, broken checks weave a classic yet versatile pattern, making houndstooth suits an ideal choice for those who relish vintage-inspired elegance with a modern twist.

Pin Striped

Classic and perennially chic, pin-striped suits boast thin, vertical lines that elongate the silhouette. This pattern exudes an air of professionalism and refinement, rendering it a splendid choice for formal summer weddings. Pairing pin stripes with lighter colors achieves a harmonious and sophisticated ensemble.


Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme. A plain suit, meticulously tailored, offers a timeless and unblemished canvas, allowing you to play with accessories and color combinations. Opt for a well-crafted plain suit in a light neutral or pastel shade—a perfect foundation for showcasing your style through ties, pocket squares, and other accessories.

What Are Suit Styles and Tailoring Tips for Summer Weddings?

Mr. Guild has spent years pondering these sartorial puzzles, so you won’t have to. Linen suits, lightweight wool suits, and cotton suits are versatile choices suitable for grooms, groomsmen, and wedding guests, ensuring a polished appearance while keeping cool. For all the men gearing up for weddings this summer, the burning question is, what looks can you rely on to be perfectly appropriate and dressy?

Linen Suits

Linen suits are a top choice for a relaxed yet elegant summer look. Renowned for its lightweight and breathable nature, linen ensures comfort without compromising style. The Mr.Guild’s Double-Breasted Linen Suits stands as an excellent example of how impeccable tailoring can elevate the overall appearance.

Lightweight Wool Suits

Contrary to the common association of wool with winter, lightweight wool suits like The Mr.Guild’s Two-Piece and Three-Piece Grey Suits are ideal for summer. Not only do they resist wrinkles and odors, but they also wick away moisture, ensuring a fresh and polished look throughout the festivities.

Cotton Suits

Cotton, another breathable fabric, offers a lighter alternative to wool while maintaining a formal aesthetic. Its versatility makes it a smart choice for summer weddings, combining comfort with a crisp, polished appearance.

Seersucker Suits

Seersucker fabric, thin and puckered, is tailor-made for hot weather. Its lightweight composition makes it an excellent choice for a summer wedding ensemble, combining style with practicality.

A well-tailored suit enhances your appearance by flattering your body shape. The importance of this becomes evident in various aspects of the suit, each contributing to a polished and personalized look.

What Are Some Key Tailoring Details for Summer Wedding Suits?

Jacket Length

The bottom hem of your jacket should gracefully end at the meat of your palm, providing a balanced and proportionate appearance. Jacket lengths, categorized as Short (S), Regular (R), and Long (L), play a crucial role in determining the overall fit.

Shoulder Fit

A well-fitted shoulder is characterized by a flat line. The seam on top of the shoulder aligns with the bone underneath, meeting the sleeve at the precise point where the arm meets the shoulder. This attention to detail ensures both comfort and style.

The Seat

The back of your trousers should drape smoothly over your rear end, striking the delicate balance between a snug fit and a comfortable feel. A well-fitted seat lies loosely against your underwear, avoiding tightness or excessive draping.

Trouser Hemline

While the hemline of your trousers can be adjusted based on personal preference, a slight break, where the trouser touches the shoe, exudes a classic look that never goes out of style.

Explore “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MEN’S SUIT SIZE CHARTS: HOW TO GET THE PERFECT FIT” by Mr. Guild, a comprehensive resource that delves into the nuances of tailoring.

What Accessories and Footwear are Essential to Complete the Look for a Men’s Summer Wedding Suit?

Accessories possess the power to transform a summer wedding suit into a work of art.

Pocket Squares

A pocket square, a mere accent, can be the bold stroke that turns your suit into a masterpiece. Add a splash of color to make your suit truly stand out, showcasing your unique style with sophistication.


Ties, timeless companions of a suit, allow for a subtle expression of character. For a summer wedding, opt for lighter hues or playful patterns, ensuring your look resonates with the vibrant season.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins, the epitome of personalization, offer a touch of individuality to your suit. Choose from a diverse array of designs and styles to tell your story and add an extra layer of refinement.

What are some suitable footwear options that complement men’s summer wedding suits?

Selecting the right footwear is akin to laying the foundation for a grand architectural marvel—it’s crucial for the overall impact of your summer wedding suit.


Loafers, the epitome of versatility, easily blend with a more casual wedding ambiance. Easy to slip on and off, they provide comfort without sacrificing style, ensuring you move with grace. And what better way to elevate your style than with a pair of Mr. Guild’s expertly crafted loafers? With a wide range of designs and impeccable quality, Mr. Guild’s loafers will complement your summer wedding suit.


Brogues, the classics, add a touch of formality to your ensemble. Their timeless appeal makes them a perfect match for most suits, striking the ideal balance between sophistication and comfort. Imagine the classic brogue design meeting the craftsmanship of Mr. Guild’s footwear. The result? A perfect fusion of tradition and modern elegance. Step into your summer wedding with confidence, showcasing the impeccable style that only Mr. Guild’s brogues can provide.

Dress Shoes

For the pinnacle of formality, opt for classic dress shoes in hues like black or brown. They exude timeless elegance, ensuring you stand tall and confident at any formal or black-tie event. Elevate your formalwear game with Mr. Guild’s exquisite dress shoes. Meticulously designed and crafted with precision, these shoes not only complete your summer wedding suit but also speak volumes about your commitment to style and quality. Make a lasting impression with Mr. Guild’s dress shoes—the perfect finishing touch for your special day.

How to Coordinate Accessories and Footwear with Your Suit?

Creating a harmonious symphony involves coordinating accessories and footwear with the color and style of your suit. The key lies in achieving a harmonious blend, where every element complements the other without overpowering the overall aesthetic. For those opting for a simple and timeless suit, the canvas is open for creative expression through accessories—the gleam of gold cufflinks, the vibrancy of a pocket square, or the lively charm of bright loafers.

When considering formal daytime events or summer weddings, the color coordination takes center stage particularly with soft beige suits. Light-colored shoes in shades of white, tan, brown, and navy sImply integrate with the suit’s tones, creating an elegant and seasonally appropriate ensemble. For those navigating the realm of black-tie affairs, classic oxford shoes in understated tones like black become the anchor, adding a timeless touch to the formal occasion. Conversely, loafers step into the spotlight as the ideal footwear choice, mirroring the laid-back atmosphere while ensuring comfort and style coexist in the more relaxed ambiance of a casual summer wedding.

Men’s Summer Wedding Suit Trends for 2023-2024

Mr.Guild is here to spill the beans on the hottest trends for men’s summer wedding suits in 2023-2024. Let’s dive in and make sure you’re the trendiest groom, groomsman, or guest.

Slim-Fit Suits:

Slim-fit suits continue to reign supreme in men’s formal fashion. These sleek and tailored ensembles offer a modern and sophisticated silhouette. Embracing a slim fit exudes confidence and ensures a sharp and polished appearance. Mr. Guild’s slim-fit suits will ensure you make a sharp and polished statement at every occasion.

Bold Colors:

Bold colors are making a triumphant comeback, with electric blue, rich burgundy, and deep forest green leading the pack. These vibrant hues inject a sense of personality and vibrancy into the summer wedding palette, adding a contemporary twist to the groom’s ensemble. Stand out with Mr. Guild’s collection of bold-colored suits!

Textured Fabrics:

Elevate your suit game with textured fabrics that add depth and interest. Whether it’s a subtle herringbone pattern or a more pronounced tweed texture, incorporating textured fabrics ensures your suit stands out. This tactile element captures attention and adds a touch of luxury to your overall look. Experience the epitome of luxury with Mr. Guild’s textured fabrics, offering a range from subtle herringbone to pronounced tweed.

Three-Piece Suits:

The three-piece suit remains a timeless choice for the discerning groom. Adding a waistcoat to your ensemble not only exudes sophistication but also provides versatility. This classic option allows you to adapt your look from the ceremony to the reception. Timeless sophistication meets versatility in Mr. Guild’s three-piece suits.


Perfect for the spring and summer seasons, pastel suits bring a soft and refreshing touch to wedding attire. Embrace hues like powder blue, mint green, or blush pink for a charming and elegant look. Pastels are visually appealing and complement the warm weather with their light and airy feel. Celebrate the seasons in style with Mr. Guild’s pastel suits.

Statement Suits:

For the bold and daring, statement suits are the go-to choice. Make a lasting impression with unique patterns, unconventional colors, or distinctive cuts. These suits allow the groom to express their individual style, turning heads and creating memorable wedding day moments.

Sustainable Suits:

Embracing eco-conscious fashion, sustainable suits are gaining popularity. Opt for suits made from environmentally friendly materials, reflecting a commitment to both style and social responsibility. Choose fabrics like organic cotton or recycled polyester to make a fashion statement with a positive impact.

Made-to-Measure Suits:

Personalization takes center stage with made-to-measure suits. Tailored to fit the wearer perfectly, these suits ensure a comfortable and flattering silhouette. Investing in a made-to-measure suit guarantees a one-of-a-kind ensemble that reflects your unique style and body shape.

Mr. Guild’s skilled wedding specialists bring the fitting experience to your doorstep, ensuring a perfect fit that complements your body shape and style preferences. You can choose from our extensive selection of seven three-piece and seven double-breasted options to find the suit that resonates with your individuality. Trust Mr. Guild to make you look your best on your special day!

Accessorize Your Suit:

Complete your wedding day look with carefully chosen accessories. Ties, belts, dress shoes, watches, cufflinks, pocket squares, and suspenders all play a crucial role in enhancing your overall appearance. Thoughtfully selected accessories add a touch of personality and refinement to your suit.

Curious about the latest trends in men’s summer wedding suits for 2023-2024? Mr. Guild’s latest blog post, ‘EXPLORING 2023-2024’S MEN’S SUIT TRENDS,’ is your ultimate guide to the hottest fashion trends for men.

In summary, selecting the perfect summer wedding suit is an art that balances style and comfort. This guide delves into dress codes, breathable fabrics, color coordination, and tailored styles. Mr. Guild’s collection caters to every dress code, emphasizing lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton for both style and comfort. The guide also covers color choices, patterns, and detailed tailoring tips. Accessorizing, including ties, pocket squares, and carefully chosen footwear, adds the finishing touch.

Explore Mr. Guild’s collection, where craftsmanship meets contemporary design, offering trends like slim-fit suits, bold colors, textured fabrics, three-piece ensembles, pastels, statement suits, sustainable fashion, and personalized made-to-measure options for 2023-2024. Your choice of attire reflects your style, and Mr. Guild ensures you look confident and memorable at every summer wedding celebration.

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