Exploring Mr. Guild Wedding Suits for Men

Selecting the right suit to complement the wedding theme and personal style holds immense significance. Modern wedding suits for men offer numerous customization options beyond the traditional black tuxedo. At Mr. Guild, we stay attuned to evolving trends in wedding attire. We design our extensive collection of wedding suits to meet the demands of contemporary grooms. Not only do we cater to grooms, but we also prioritize the importance of making wedding guests feel exceptional.

Whether it is a formal black-tie event, a rustic countryside wedding, or a beach destination celebration, Mr. Guild wedding suits have you covered. We dedicate ourselves to providing the finest suits with an unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, exquisite fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail.

Mr. Guild’s Exclusive Wedding Suit Styles

At Mr. Guild, we offer a wide range of wedding suits for various styles and preferences, including blazers, with options ranging from classic tuxedos to sleek contemporary designs. A classic choice, the traditional tuxedo showcases a black or midnight blue jacket and trousers with satin stripes. For added style and formality, the three-piece suit includes a jacket, trousers, and a matching waistcoat, exuding refined charm. To cater to modern tastes, Mr. Guild also provides sleek contemporary suit options with slimmer cuts, lighter fabrics, and unique details for a polished, fashionable appearance.

Mr. Guild’s Wedding Suits in Colors and Fabrics

Discover the perfect wedding suit at Mr. Guild, where we ensure that every groom finds a style that suits their personality, wedding theme, and skin tone. Our classic color options of black, navy blue, and charcoal gray embody elegance, sophistication, and versatility. In addition, we offer an array of unique colors such as brown, cream, green, gray, white, and burgundy, allowing you to tailor your suit to your desired wedding aesthetic and personal taste. The fabrics available at Mr. Guild include luxurious wool and silk blends. These materials provide a refined look and comfortable fit, ensuring the groom looks and feels his best on the big day.

Mr. Guild’s Suit Fit and Tailoring for Weddings

Look your best on your wedding day with a well-fitted suit from Mr. Guild. Our experienced wedding specialists will visit your home to carry out the fitting, providing expert guidance. You can then choose from our extensive selection of suits, including seven three-piece and seven double-breasted options. Trust Mr. Guild for the perfect fit and style!

Accessories for Men’s Wedding Suits

Complete your ensemble with essential accessories: ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks. They complement the suit, add a pop of color or pattern, and offer a polished touch to shirt cuffs. Ties and bow ties offer a classic touch, pocket squares provide an opportunity to add a pop of color or a subtle pattern, and cufflinks add a polished and personalized touch to the shirt cuffs. As for shoes, Mr. Guild’s collection offers a diverse range, including Oxford, Strap, Loafers, Wallabee, and Chelsea styles, ensuring a perfect match for any suit.

Wedding Suit Etiquette for Grooms and Guests

The appropriate attire for a wedding largely depends on the dress code, formality level, and theme. As a groom, it is crucial to determine the dress code for yourself and also for your guests. For a formal evening wedding, a tuxedo remains the preferred attire. In the case of an informal wedding, you have more flexibility. A well-tailored suit is suitable, particularly in black or other dark colors, which are more appropriate for evening or winter events.

Wedding guests must pay attention to the dress code. Guests should aim to look sophisticated and well-groomed. A classic suit in a neutral color, such as navy blue or charcoal gray, is a safe and stylish choice. For impeccable suits that exude sophistication and style, consider Mr. Guild’s exquisite collection, tailored to perfection for grooms and guests alike.

Mr. Guild’s Wedding Suits for Your Style and Body Type

Selecting the ideal wedding suit that complements your style and body type is essential for looking and feeling your best. Whether you’re lean, broad-shouldered, or fuller-figured, we have the perfect suit cut, including athletic fit, slim fit, fitted, skinny fit, and large size.

We design our athletic fit suits to provide style and comfort for those with an athletic build. If you prefer a sleeker silhouette, our slim-fit suits offer modern tailoring that accentuates your frame. Our fitted suits are the perfect choice for a refined and polished appearance, while our skinny-fit suits add a touch of contemporary elegance to your look.

Our collection at Mr. Guild goes beyond traditional styles. From classic tuxedos to timeless three-piece suits, we also offer two-piece, double-breasted, Italian, and tailored suits to cater to your preferences.

Wedding Suit Trends and Inspiration for the Modern Groom

Grooms today are breaking away from tradition, eager to make a fashion statement. They’re embracing contemporary twists, popular patterns, and unique style elements.

Classic tuxedos have made a strong comeback, radiating timeless elegance. One of the most sought-after choices for 2023 weddings is the black-notch tuxedo. For a formal yet modern approach, consider opting for a stylish suit. Inject personality into your attire by incorporating patterned pieces like plaids, houndstooth, or subtle checks, which are gaining popularity among modern grooms. Additionally, textured fabrics like velvet, tweed, or subtly patterned fabrics can add an extra touch.

A stylish wedding suit requires finding the perfect balance between timeless elegance and personalized flair. So, by embracing these trends and infusing your sense of style, you’ll create a truly memorable and fashion-forward look. Are you ready to elevate your wedding style with Mr. Guild’s expertise in crafting modern groom suits? 


How can I choose a wedding suit that complements the wedding theme and color scheme?

To choose a wedding suit that complements the theme and color scheme, go for a cohesive look by selecting a suit, tie, and shirt in the same color. Alternatively, a white suit works well with almost any color. Explore the color wheel for different suit styles that align with the wedding theme.

What are some popular fabrics and colors for men’s wedding suits, and how can I pick the right one?

Some popular fabrics for men’s wedding suits are wool, linen, cotton, velvet, and blends of these materials, with consideration for the season and location of the wedding. Popular colors include blue, rusty oranges, light pinks, vibrant violets, and olive greens. To pick the right suit, consider personal preferences, comfortability, budget, wedding dress code, season, and theme. Mr. Guild offers a timeless and stylish selection of wedding suits featuring high-quality fabrics and a range of captivating colors.

Does the season of the wedding affect the style and fabric of the suit?

Yes, the season of the wedding does affect the style and fabric of the suit. Different seasons call for varying fabrics and colors to ensure comfort and appropriate styles, such as heavier, textured fabrics like velvet for winter, lighter colors like a light gray or light blue for spring, breathable fabrics like linen or wool-linen blends for summer, and flannels for fall.

What accessories should I consider wearing with my wedding suit, and how can I pick the right shoes and tie?

Consider accessories like neckties or bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, belts, watches, suspenders, and tie clips for your wedding suit. Choose shoes and ties that match the suit’s color and style while considering the wedding’s dress code and theme. A pocket square can add a stylish pop of color or pattern.

What suit styles and trends are popular for weddings in 2024?

In 2024 weddings, popular suit styles feature lightweight fabrics, pastel hues, all-white attire, statement accessories, and relaxed, tailored fits, including classic black notch tuxedos. Color choices lean towards burgundy, green, and blue shades.

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Prince Hendricks

Tailored slim fit white men's tuxedo with velvet peak lapels


Prince Steven

Tailored slim fit white double breasted men's tuxedo with black velvet peak lapels



Slim fit all black men’s double breasted suit with peak lapels


Bolton Street

Slim fit all cream men’s three piece suit with peak lapels


Grove Park

Slim fit dark blue double breasted men’s two piece suit with peak lapels


Helston Street

Slim fit all cream three piece men's suit with peak lapels



Slim fit dark navy blue men’s three piece suit with peak lapels


Satin road

Slim fit dark blue men’s three piece suit with peak lapels


Ruben Close

Slim fit dark blue velvet three piece men's tuxedo suit with velvet shawl lapels


Staymore Close

Slim fit all black double breasted two piece men's tuxedo suit with peak satin lapels WITH DECORATIVE GOLD BUTTONS


Prince Wesley

Slim fit all black double breasted two piece men's tuxedo suit with peak satin lapels WITH DECORATIVE GOLD BUTTONS.


Prince Peter

Slim fit all black double breasted men's tuxedo suit with peak velvet lapels WITH DECORATIVE GOLD BUTTONS