About Us
In June 2018, Mr Guild was born, where our Founder, Mr Cihan Beller Also Known as Gee Beller, saw a gap in the fashion market for Men that he wanted to more than fill. Men love to wear suits for smartness, business, empowerment, but no suit stands out the way that Gee could see. Gee created a stylish brand of a fitted tailored trouser look, funky fabrics for blazers with contrasting waistcoats, a flash of colour for a a bow tie/tie and pocket chief but he did not want to stop there. To accessorise the blazer with a touch of elegance, signature jewellery to mark the complete look of Mr Guild. Since the official launch of Mr Guild, a variety of celebrity clients have chosen to be dressed exclusively by Gee and his signature created look is admired at Events and occasions wherever it is worn. Whether it be an outfit for a wedding, prom, christening, birthday celebration, event or just a night out, when dressed in Mr Guild, you will certainly not only feel and look good, you can guarantee, you will be noticed!

Director of Mr Guild London - Mr Cihan Beller