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Camden Town

A tailored slim fit double breasted men’s suit in a mix of light grey double breasted pinstriped and white


Euston Square

Tailored slim fit  double breasted light grey and white mix combined men's suit with peak lapels


Brighton Road

Slim fit grey men’s three piece suit with peak lapels


South Street

Tailored slim fit pinstripe dark grey men's double breasted suit with peak lapels


Green Street



Petts Wood

Tailored slim fit grey double breasted men's suit with peak lapels With decorative silver buttons


Shire Lane

Slim fit mid grey men’s three piece suit with peak lapels and with decorative silver buttons


Warren Road

Slim fit mid grey men's three piece suit with peak lapels


Liverpool Street

tailored slim fit blue and grey checked with blue trousers mixed double breasted men’s suit with peak lapels


Opal Street

Slim fit grey and black checked with black trousers double breasted  men's suit with peak lapels


Tudor Street

Slim fit mid grey pinstripe three piece men's suit with peak lapels


Acton Lane

Slim fit mid grey checked men's three piece suit with peak lapels


Grey Suits: A Wardrobe Essential for Every Gentleman

A grey suit is a symbol of sophistication, style, and adaptability. In a constantly changing fashion landscape, the grey suit remains a timeless and classy option. MrGuild, a distinguished purveyor of fine menswear, proudly offers an extensive collection of grey suits featuring various shades, patterns, and styles.

At MrGuild, grey suits come in a versatile range of colors, including dark grey for authority, light grey for a relaxed charm, and charcoal grey for added sophistication. Patterns include Basketweave, Birdseye, Chequered, Graph, Houndstooth, Pinstriped, and Plain, offering various styles to suit preferences. MrGuild offers Two-Piece suits for timeless elegance, Three-Piece suits for elevated sophistication, casual suits for relaxed occasions, Double-Breasted suits for a bold statement, Italian suits for exceptional tailoring, and Mix-and-Match options for personalized looks. Explore the diverse world of grey suits at MrGuild, catering to every man’s unique style.

How to Mix and Match Your Grey Suit

Mixing and matching grey suits make switching between formal and casual looks easy, ensuring you’re well-dressed for any occasion. At MrGuild, we offer an exclusive range of Mixed-and-Match grey suit styles, providing endless opportunities to curate a personalized, sophisticated wardrobe that suits your unique style and needs.

How to Style Accessories and Footwear for Grey Suits

Start with a classic silk tie that complements your grey suit’s shade. Darker greys pair well with navy, burgundy, or deep green ties for an elegant contrast. Lighter grey suits offer more flexibility, allowing experimentation with bolder colors and patterns, like stripes or subtle polka dots. Coordinate your pocket square with your tie or shirt for a polished look. Match colors, or choose a contrasting pocket square for a pop of color. Keep cufflinks understated and in line with your attire’s formality. Silver or stainless steel cufflinks work seamlessly with grey suits, while engravings or colored accents add personality. Match your belt to your shoe color: black leather with black shoes, brown leather with brown shoes. Explore our collection of classic oxfords, stylish loafers, and versatile brogues at MrGuild With these styling tips, your grey suit will exude sophistication and make a lasting impression.

How to Select the Perfect Shirt for Grey Suits

Your choice of shirt color plays a pivotal role in creating a balanced and striking look when wearing a grey suit. A crisp white shirt exudes timeless sophistication in formal settings like business meetings or weddings. Light blue or pale pink shirts offer a modern touch, while patterns such as stripes or checks can add depth and character to your outfit. Feel free to play around with brighter hues and patterns to show off your style on more laid-back occasions.

Dressing Up and Dressing Down: How to Style Your Grey Suit for Any Occasion

Your grey suit is a versatile canvas that adapts to a variety of occasions and events. Opt for a dark grey suit paired with a white shirt to convey a powerful and professional image for business meetings. Lighter grey suits with creative accessories are perfect for dinner events, adding a touch of style. Experiment with unique patterns and colorful accessories to express your individuality at fancy or trendy affairs. Whether you’re the groom or a guest, choosing a grey suit for a wedding ceremony adds an element of refinement and class. A dark grey suit conveys respect and dignity for formal events like funerals. Finally, at events like race days, let your trendsetting side shine by showcasing fashion-forward grey suit combinations that stand out from the crowd.

MrGuild’s Range of grey Suit Sizes and Fits

MrGuild offers a diverse range of grey suits to suit various body types and style preferences. Our suits are available in different fits: Athletic-Fit for a muscular build with a tailored appearance, Fitted for a sleek and modern silhouette; Skinny-Fit for a bold and fashionable look, Slim-Fit for a sharp and modern aesthetic with comfort, and Big and Large suits for a generous cut prioritizing comfort and elegance.

MrGuild’s grey suits, available in sizes ranging from 36 UK/US to 50 UK/US, aim to provide a personalized fit for gentlemen of all sizes and shapes. Among our extensive range of sizes and fits, the most popular size and fit combination at MrGuild is the Slim Fit in sizes 40 UK/US and 42 UK/US.

The Psychology of Grey Suits: What Your Suit Color Says About You

Wearing a grey suit reflects your style and personality. grey’s various shades hold a psychological allure, suggesting a preference for classic fashion with a contemporary twist. Choosing grey signifies confidence in subtle elegance over flashy colors. Whether lighter or deep charcoal, grey suits radiate quiet confidence. Opting for unique patterns or thoughtful accessories shows an eye for detail and craftsmanship. grey serves as a versatile canvas for self-expression, allowing creativity through accessories and ties.

Grey Suits for Weddings: The Perfect Choice for Grooms and Groomsmen

Grey suits are a fantastic choice for weddings, symbolizing timeless style. Whether you prefer charcoal or a softer shade, these suits effortlessly adapt to various wedding themes and color schemes. They provide a great canvas for creative accessorizing, allowing grooms and groomsmen to personalize their outfits with different ties, pocket squares, and footwear. Wedding guests also find grey suits to be the ideal balance between looking sharp and feeling comfortable, suitable for various wedding styles, from formal black-tie events to rustic outdoor ceremonies.

Discover MrGuild’s high-quality grey suits at unbelievably affordable prices during our exclusive sale event. In addition to grey suits, MrGuild offers a stunning collection of matching blazers and jackets to complete your wardrobe.


  • On which occasions is it appropriate to wear a grey suit?

Grey suits showcase remarkable versatility, suitable for a variety of occasions, including business meetings, weddings, formal events, and even semi-casual gatherings. Explore Mr. Guild’s selection of grey suits tailored to your preferences.

  • How can I select the ideal shade of grey for my suit?

Your choice of grey shade depends on your style and the event. Light grey suits offer a more relaxed look, while dark grey exudes formality. For versatility, a mid-grey or charcoal grey suit is a safe bet.

  • What is the best method for caring for my grey suit to ensure its longevity?

To prolong the life of your grey suit, dry clean it sparingly to prevent damage from chemicals. Use a suit brush to remove dust and lint, and hang it on a proper suit hanger when not in use. MrGuild’s suits are crafted with quality materials to ensure durability.

  • Can I pair a grey suit with brown shoes? What about black shoes?

Grey suits pair exceptionally well with both brown and black shoes. With MrGuild’s diverse range of footwear options in both black and brown, you can easily find the perfect pair to complete your grey suit ensemble.

  • How can I guarantee a proper fit for my grey suit?

To ensure a proper fit, consider getting your suit tailored by a professional. MrGuild offers a range of fits and sizes to cater to various body types, ensuring you find the right fit. For more detailed guidance, be sure to check out Mr. Guild’s informative blog post titled “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MEN’S SUIT SIZE CHARTS: HOW TO GET THE PERFECT FIT” which provides valuable insights into achieving the ideal fit for your suit.

  • What are some common mistakes to avoid when donning a grey suit?

Avoid wearing a grey suit that is too large or tight, as an ill-fitting suit can undermine your look. Additionally, be mindful of over-accessorizing and choose complementary colors and patterns for your shirt, tie, and pocket square.

  • Which accessories should I incorporate when wearing my grey suit to make it stand out?

Elevate your grey suit with a well-coordinated tie, pocket square, and cufflinks. Experiment with different colors and textures to add personality.

  • What distinguishes a grey suit from a charcoal suit?

The primary difference is in the shade. grey suits encompass a range of lighter to darker grey hues, while charcoal suits are characterized by their deep, almost blackish-grey color. Charcoal suits are often considered more formal due to their darker tone.

  • How can I adjust the formality or casualness of my grey suit to suit the occasion better?

Opt for a crisp white shirt and conservative tie to make your grey suit more formal. Choose a light-colored shirt and skip the tie for a casual look. Accessories, like pocket squares and cufflinks, can also help set the tone for your outfit.