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Founded in 2018, MrGuild is a leading e-commerce brand. Created to inspire and achieve a unique style suitable for the modern day gentleman. Our designs are truly remarkable and no other suiting brand can compete with our luxury creations and exquisite peak lapels. A brand that is forever expanding and caters only the very best to our customers.

The Latest Trends in Wedding Suits for Men: 2024-2025

Weddings—the groom’s big moment to shine in the name of love. Whether you’re the groom or a guest, here’s where you’ll find the best trending suits for weddings. At Mr. Guild’s, our team crafts top-notch and trending groom suits, always staying ahead in style.
Fashion trends may come and go, but the elegance of a well-fitted suit remains constant. This season, the emphasis is on comfort and style, with a focus on soft tailoring. In other words, designs that offer a more natural drape and a personalized fit tailored to your body. A classic favorite is making a comeback—the double-breasted suit. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to make a statement on their wedding day. Boots are the highlight in footwear, ranging from Chelsea boots to brogue and sleek ankle boots. They are ideal for outdoor or rustic-themed weddings. For vintage lovers, there’s a growing trend in tweed and herringbone suits with retro colors. If you add suspenders, pocket squares, and classic ties, your style will be even better.

Bold Color Trends for Wedding Suits

In 2024, we can’t ignore the bold and vibrant colors that are taking center stage in weddings. These hues are not just colors; they’re expressions of individuality. Each hue paints a unique portrait of love and romance.


The return of those down-to-earth neutrals is admirable! Cream emerges as a frontrunner in wedding suit choices, especially with Mr. Guild’s cream suits that radiate elegantly. Cream suits radiate an elegant simplicity, perfect for grooms. To add a fresh twist, think about pairing your cream suit with a softly colored shirt or tie. Lighter shades suit spring’s daytime weddings outdoors, while deeper tones complement autumn’s leaves.


Let’s talk about the trend of green wedding suits for 2024-2025! It’s all about capturing nature’s beauty in style. As summer arrives, brighter shades like pine green inject a refreshing energy into your wedding look. And when fall comes around, those deeper greens like olive or forest green add a cozy, natural touch. Complete the look with some brown or tan accessories for that rustic flair. with Mr. Guild’s green suits, you’ll be turning heads on your special day!


Black remains a reliable choice for formal occasions, including weddings. Whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter, black remains a classic choice.  For 2024 weddings, luxurious velvet or silk fabrics elevate your look and make a memorable impression. Moreover, the black wedding suit stands out against the bride’s dress, adding a touch of boldness to the overall look. Discover Mr. Guild’s trendy black wedding suits, which offer a daring option that catches the eye.


A gray wedding suit is the perfect balance between refinement and adaptability. Lighter grays lend an air of freshness and vitality to daytime weddings. Charcoal and light gray suits are awesome for summer weddings. Transitioning into fall and winter, medium-toned grays complement the season’s changing palette. In 2024, pair your suit with a crisp white shirt and patterned tie for a polished finish. Step into sophistication and style with Mr. Guild’s exceptional gray suits.


Blue continues to captivate in 2024 with its evolving shades. Light blue colors create a calm feeling in spring and summer, while dark blue is always stylish for fall and winter. Blue suits work for both daytime and evening weddings. Mr. Guild’s collection of blue wedding suits has something for every taste.

Wedding Suits Texture Trends for 2024-2025

Textured fabrics are a must-have trend for wedding suits in 2024-2025, building on their revitalization in 2023. Patterns like HOUNDSTOOTH and BIRDSEYE are still stealing the spotlight. By incorporating these patterns into their suits, grooms show off their eye for detail and craftsmanship. In 2024, grooms are encouraged to get creative. Mix and match jackets and trousers and play around with different textures and shades. Contrasting buttons also add a dash of personality to each outfit. The tactile experience that Mr. Guild’s suits offer brings a touch of luxury to every moment of the big day. 

A Signature Look for Grooms with Trendy Styles and Fits

Creating the perfect groom’s look is all about balancing style, comfort, and personal flair. Many grooms are loving the athletic fit – it’s tailored for broader shoulders and trim waists. Fitted suits are still a hit, hugging the body nicely without feeling too tight. Classic 2-piece and 3-piece suits are always reliable, fitting in with any wedding theme. Double-breasted suits are back in style, especially with peak lapels. Mixing and matching suits is a fun trend, allowing for creativity with patterns and colors, perfect for modern weddings. And of course, a well-tailored suit never goes out of fashion. Mr. Guild’s various fits and styles cater to different body types and preferences, offering options for every groom.

Mr. Guild’s Wedding Suits Size Box

A suit needs to fit just right! That’s where Mr. Guild’s Size Box steps in—the best solution designed to simplify the process of sizing wedding suits. Inside the Size Box, you’ll find 8 suits ranging from UK36 to UK50, ensuring there’s a fit. You and your groomsmen can try on each suit in every size. Our electronic size chart, accessible online, makes it easy to note down each individual’s preferred size. With the Mr. Guild Size Box, you can confidently achieve stress-free and efficient sizing.