The Rise of Burgundy Suits in Men’s Fashion

Explore the world of Mr. Guild’s burgundy suits, where each piece celebrates color, pattern, and unwavering quality. Today, donning a burgundy suit signifies individuality and self-assuredness, symbolizing a man who recognizes that genuine style thrives in the minutiae and dares to make a statement.

Mr. Guild, synonymous with craftsmanship and excellence, presents an unparalleled collection of burgundy suits in captivating shades like Maroon, Wine, Crimson, and Oxblood, showcasing exquisite styles. For those who are curious about the most favored burgundy shade, Mr. Guild’s Maroon is worth contemplating. Yet, our offerings extend beyond these options. From the timeless allure of the Plain burgundy suit to the striking sophistication of the pin-striped design, Mr. Guild provides a diverse range of choices that cater to the unique preferences of every discerning gentleman.Discover Mr. Guild’s high-quality Burgundy suits at unbelievably affordable prices during our exclusive sale events. In addition to Burgundy suits, Mr. Guild offers a stunning collection of matching blazers and jackets to complete your wardrobe.

How to Perfectly Mix and Match Your Burgundy Suit

At Mr. Guild, we understand that true style resides in the finer details—the perfectly paired accessories, the impeccably chosen footwear, and the harmonious shirt selection. Unlock Mr. Guild’s expertise in refining your burgundy suit look. Learn to pair accessories and shoes, choose the perfect shirt, and master dressing for any occasion.

How to Pair Accessories and Footwear with Your Burgundy Suit

Elevating your burgundy suit is about the details and the finishing touches. Choose a deep navy tie and a white pocket square with subtle burgundy accents for a classic look. Feeling bold? Opt for a patterned tie with complementary colors like gold or forest green. Add elegance with matching cufflinks. Coordinate your belt, watch, and shoes for a harmonious look.

Classic brown leather shoes like Oxfords or brogues in various shades are ideal, while black leather shoes add sophistication for formal occasions. Slip-on loafers in suede or leather strike a balance for semi-formal events or date nights. Mr. Guild offers a complete collection of footwear, including oxfords, brogues, loafers, and more, meticulously crafted to complement your burgundy suit.

How to Achieve a Cohesive Style by Pairing Shirts with Burgundy Suits

Selecting the right shirt to complement your burgundy suit is essential, considering both the suit’s shade and style. A classic Two-Piece Burgundy Suit pairs well with a crisp white shirt for timeless elegance, while Three-Piece Suits benefit from a light-colored shirt when you wear the waistcoat.

Our Mix & Match Suits offer the perfect opportunity for self-expression with various patterns and colors. Double-breasted suits maintain their sleek appearance with a solid-colored shirt, while Italian Suits harmonize beautifully with slim-fit shirts in complementary hues.

For Maroon Burgundy Suits, choose a light gray or white shirt to enhance the richness of the color. Wine Burgundy Suits pair gracefully with light blue or lavender shirts, while Crimson Burgundy Suits can be effortlessly matched with a classic white shirt to highlight their vibrancy. Finally, Oxblood Burgundy Suits achieve a refined look with an ivory or pale pink shirt.

Ideal Occasions and Events for Burgundy Suits

Let’s explore the occasions and events where burgundy suits shine. Burgundy suits are a true fashion statement for the modern man. They naturally convey professionalism and a sense of style in business settings. When it’s time for a special dinner or a fancy event, burgundy suits are a standout choice, making you the center of attention with their rich, commanding presence. Weddings, especially groomsmen, see the burgundy suit as a popular pick, offering a refined and distinguished appearance that complements various color themes. But it doesn’t stop there; these suits are equally at ease for travel, casual outings, and a range of events like graduations, race days, trendy gatherings, or unique themed parties.

Mr. Guild offers a variety of burgundy suit styles, such as Two-Piece, Three-Piece, Casual, Double-Breasted, Italian, and Mix & Match suits, ensuring you can confidently showcase your distinctive style.

Mr. Guild’s Range of Burgundy Suit Sizes and Fits

Just as style is a personal statement, so is the perfect fit. At Mr. Guild, we recognize that the essence of style lies in a well-fitted suit, and that’s why we offer a diverse range of sizes and fits to cater to various body types and style preferences.

Our suit collection caters to various body types and style preferences. Athletic-Fit suits offer a tailored look for muscular builds, while Fitted suits create a modern silhouette. If you’re after a bold fashion, Skinny-Fit suits are ideal. For a contemporary and comfortable option, choose our Slim-Fit suits. Those who prioritize comfort and elegance will appreciate our Big and Large suits with a generous cut. Mr. Guild’s burgundy suits come in sizes 36 UK/US to 50 UK/US, ensuring a perfect fit for every gentleman. Among our options, the Slim Fit in sizes 40 UK/US and 42 UK/US stands out, offering style and comfort in one.

The Psychology of Burgundy Suits: What Your Suit Color Says About You

Burgundy suits are often associated with higher-class sophistication, signifying seriousness and power. The combination of deep psychological impact and a strong presence gives them a feeling of great ambition. A burgundy suit wearer is seen as ambitious, powerful, and sophisticated, possibly part of or aspiring to a higher social class. Unlike flashy colors, burgundy strikes a balance, projecting confidence without seeking excessive attention.

Burgundy Wedding Elegance: Grooms and Groomsmen’s Signature Look

Burgundy suits make a compelling choice for weddings, whether you’re the groom, a groomsman, or a guest. Its versatility shines, particularly during fall and winter weddings, where it beautifully complements the seasonal palette. Pair it with Mr.Guild’s brown leather shoes for rustic charm, charcoal gray for a modern twist, or black patent dress shoes for timeless elegance.

But it’s not just for the wedding party. Guests looking to make a statement will find a burgundy suit an excellent choice, seamlessly blending style and formality. Whether you opt for a classic, understated look or infuse some playful, fashion-forward elements like textured shirts, patterned pocket squares, or unique socks, burgundy empowers you to express your individuality.


  • What are some suitable color combinations to pair with a burgundy suit?

Suitable color combinations for a burgundy suit include white, light pink, or navy dress shirts, along with tie options like black, brown, burgundy, navy, or light blue.

  • Is it appropriate to wear a burgundy suit in a business setting, or is it considered too bold?

Yes, a burgundy suit is suitable for business settings, especially in darker shades. For a bold and professional statement, consider Mr. Guild’s Burgundy suits for your attire.

  • What styles of shoes are recommended to complete a burgundy suit?

Black and brown shoes both work well with a burgundy suit, depending on your overall outfit. Complete your look with elegant footwear from Mr. Guild’s collection, perfectly paired with your Burgundy suits.

  • Are there various shades of burgundy available, and which one is the most popular?

Burgundy suits come in various shades, with darker tones being more formal. Explore Mr. Guild’s range of Burgundy suits to find the perfect shade for your formal occasions.

  • Can a burgundy suit be worn during the summer, or is it too dark for the season?

A burgundy suit can be worn in the summer, especially for formal events. Stay stylish even in the summer with Mr. Guild’s Burgundy suits, designed for all-season elegance.

  • Are there any guidelines for wearing burgundy suits to weddings or other formal events?

Burgundy suits are perfect for weddings and formal events. Adjust shirt and tie choices based on formality. For in-depth tips on matching shirts and ties for formal occasions, don’t miss Mr. Guild’s latest blog post, “A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE ON SUIT WEAR: CLASSIC, MODERN, OR BESPOKE.” It’s a must-read to ensure you look your best at every event.

  • How can a burgundy suit be adapted for different occasions, whether dressing it up or down?

Adapt a burgundy suit for different occasions by changing shirts and accessories, like a white shirt and black tie for formality or patterned shirts for a casual look.

  • Which accessories should be incorporated with a burgundy suit to enhance its appearance?

Enhance a burgundy suit with matching belts, watches, and pocket squares. The accessory choice depends on the occasion and personal style.

  • How can I ensure that my burgundy suit fits properly?

To ensure a proper fit, consider getting your suit tailored by a professional. Mr. Guild offers a range of fits and sizes to cater to various body types, ensuring you find the right fit. For more detailed guidance, be sure to check out Mr. Guild’s informative blog post titled “THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MEN’S SUIT SIZE CHARTS: HOW TO GET THE PERFECT FIT,” which provides valuable insights into achieving the ideal fit for your suit.”

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