The World of Tuxedos: The tuxedo, dating back to the late 19th century …

has become an iconic symbol of sophisticated style. Originally called the “dinner jacket,” it quickly gained popularity among the British aristocracy, establishing a remarkable legacy. Today, tuxedos maintain their prominent position as a timeless representation of elegance, essential for formal occasions, embodying prestige. At Mr. Guild, our tuxedos allow you to showcase your personality while maintaining dress codes, offering a wide range of colors and styles to satisfy the tastes of discerning gentlemen.

Classic vs. Modern Tuxedo Styles

Classic and modern tuxedo styles differ in design, cuts, and details, catering to different tastes. Classic tuxedos exude timeless elegance with peak lapels and single-breasted jackets. Modern tuxedos, on the other hand, embrace contemporary fashion trends. The shawl lapel is a popular modern variation, exuding a formal and refined aura. The notch lapel offers a versatile look for formal events and business functions. Modern tuxedos also expand color options beyond black and white. When choosing between the styles, consider the occasion and personal preferences. Classic tuxedos suit formal events, while modern styles allow for fashion statements.

At Mr. Guild’s, we proudly present a wide range of tuxedos that embody both timeless elegance and contemporary trends, along with our exquisite footwear collection.

Black Tie and Formal Dress Codes

The black tie dress code is a formal attire standard for men. It includes a dinner jacket (tuxedo), matching trousers, a pleated white shirt, black formal shoes, and a black bow tie. The tuxedo is a crucial part of the outfit and typically has silk lapels and covered buttons. It can be single-breasted or double-breasted with no vents. Besides black tie, there is another formal dress code called white tie, which is even more meticulous. It requires men to wear a tailcoat, waistcoat, wing-collared shirt, and a white bow tie. Prestigious and ceremonial occasions reserve the white tie dress code.

Tuxedo Fabrics and Colors for Different Occasions

When choosing a tuxedo, consider fabric, color, lapel styles, and fits for a well-coordinated ensemble that aligns with the event’s formality. Comfort is crucial, so consider fabric breathability and climate suitability. Wool is prevalent due to its breathability, durability, and draping ability. Polyester offers affordability without compromising style, known for being wrinkle-resistant. Velvet provides a luxurious and elegant look for special occasions. The event’s formality determines fabric and color choices. Black is standard for formal affairs, but alternative colors like midnight blue, gray, or burgundy add a unique touch to the ensemble. Explore Mr. Guild’s collection of tuxedos and discover the perfect fabric and color to make a memorable statement at your next event.

Tuxedo Fit and Tailoring for Formal Events

A well-fitted tuxedo enhances appearance, comfort, and confidence. Key elements like jacket length, sleeve length, shoulder fit, trouser length, and waistline are crucial. The jacket should hit mid-crotch for balance and sophistication. The sleeve length should extend to the base of the thumb, allowing for a slight reveal of the shirt cuff. The shoulders of the jacket should align with your natural shoulder line, neither hanging off nor constricting your movement. The pants should lightly graze the top of your shoes, with a slight break or minimal creasing at the front. Moreover, it’s crucial to find a reputable tailor. Their expertise can truly make a world of difference in the outcome.

Accessories for Men’s Tuxedos

Bow ties, cummerbunds, pocket squares, and cufflinks are classic accessories that play a pivotal role in perfecting the tuxedo ensemble. Bow ties bring timeless elegance and charm, allowing for personal style expression. Cummerbunds serve a dual purpose by providing a neat transition and hiding the waistband. Pocket squares add sophistication, and cufflinks offer an opportunity to showcase individual style and attention to detail.

Tuxedo Etiquette for Grooms and Wedding Guests

When choosing a tuxedo, grooms should consider the wedding theme, venue, and personal style. Ensuring that the tuxedo complements the bride’s attire is also essential. However, if she opts for an ivory or off-white dress, a tuxedo in a complementary shade, such as a soft gray or cream, can create a cohesive and elegant look. While the groom’s tuxedo should stand out subtly, coordinating the groomsmen’s attire is crucial. Wedding invitations often indicate the dress code, such as “black tie” or “formal attire.” Groomsmen should have a consistent tuxedo style and color to create a cohesive appearance. For a remarkable selection of stylish tuxedos that cater to both grooms and groomsmen, explore Mr. Guild’s exceptional collection.

Choosing the Perfect Tuxedo for Your Body Type and Personal Style

Choosing the perfect tuxedo involves considering your body type and personal style. For a slim build, opt for a slim-fit tuxedo that adds structure without being too tight. An athletic build benefits from a fitted tuxedo that showcases your physique. If you have a larger build, choose a tuxedo with more room in the chest and waist areas. Consider your style—classic, trendy, or bespoke—and select a tuxedo accordingly. For a clean and understated look, go for a black or navy tuxedo with clean lines. Trendy styles can incorporate unique colors or patterns, like burgundy or subtle checkered designs. A classic black or midnight blue tuxedo in a classic cut featuring peak or notch lapels achieves a timeless elegance. At Mr. Guild, we offer slim-fit, fitted, athletic-fit, skinny-fit, and large-size options to cater to different body types, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit.

Popular Tuxedo Trends for the Modern Man

Today, men have a plethora of tuxedo trends to explore. Tuxedo trends now incorporate more relaxed fits and fabric choices, offering a contemporary twist to the classic ensemble. Notably, the Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Suit steals the spotlight with its seamlessly blended, smooth, rounded lapel, an epitome of sophistication. Slim-fit tuxedos, a timeless fashion favorite, create a sleek and modern look with a tailored and streamlined silhouette. Unconventional colors like midnight blue, deep burgundy, emerald green, and rich chocolate brown make bold fashion statements. Adding texture with subtle patterns such as herringbone, birdseye, or jacquard elevates the ensemble with sophistication and visual interest. Step into the world of refined style with Mr. Guild’s Tuxedos, where classic elegance meets contemporary style for the ultimate sartorial statement.

Our personal MrGuild fitting service offers convenience and expertise. A wedding specialist will visit your home, allowing you to try multiple sizes and receive expert advice on the best fit and style. We provide a selection of 7 three-piece suits and seven double-breasted suits in sizes UK 36 to 48. This service is perfect for weddings, office fittings, or any occasion where group suit purchases are needed


What is a tuxedo, and how does it differ from a suit? 

A tuxedo is a formal attire consisting of trousers and a jacket with satin or grosgrain fabric facing. It differs from a suit due to its satin detailing, such as satin-faced lapels and buttons. People typically wear tuxedos at white ties, black ties, and formal events.

When should I wear a tuxedo, and how do I determine its suitability for an event? 

Tuxedos are usually suitable for formal events like weddings, galas, and black-tie affairs. To determine suitability, check the dress code specified on the invitation or event guidelines. If the dress code specified on the invitation or event guidelines is black tie or formal, a tuxedo is generally appropriate.

What are popular tuxedo styles and designs, and how do I choose the best one for my body type and personal style? 

Popular tuxedo styles include classic, shawl lapel, colored, framed lapel, white, and peak lapel tuxedos. To choose the best one for your body type and personal style, consider visiting Mr. Guild’s Tuxedos, the ultimate destination for your perfect tuxedo.

Which fabrics and colors are commonly used in tuxedos, and how do I decide which one to wear for a specific occasion? 

Tuxedos manufacturers use fabrics like wool, printed wool, jacquard, and silk cloqué to make tuxedos. There are no limits on color or pattern, but popular choices include black, white, navy blue, burgundy, and gray. When deciding which fabric and color to wear, consider the formality of the event, your personal preference, and any specified color themes.

How should a tuxedo fit, and what should I look for when getting it tailored? 

A well-fitting tuxedo should fit properly in the shoulders, chest, and waist. The jacket should cover the rear end, and the sleeves should show about half an inch of the shirt cuff. The pants should fit comfortably at the waist and have a clean break at the shoes. When getting a tuxedo tailored, choose a professional tailor who can ensure the proper fit based on your measurements.

What accessories should I consider wearing with my tuxedo, and how do I coordinate them with my outfit?

Accessories to consider wearing with a tuxedo include a cummerbund or waistcoat, suspenders, a self-tied bow tie or long tie, cufflinks and studs for the shirt, a pocket square, and dress shoes. Coordinate the accessories by choosing complementary colors and materials, matching the color of the cummerbund or waistcoat with the tie or pocket square, and ensuring the metals in the cufflinks and studs match other metallic details on the tuxedo.

How do I properly care for and maintain my tuxedo?

Store your tuxedo in a garment bag to protect it from dust. Hang the jacket on a wide hanger and hang the pants by the cuffs or waistband. Spot clean as needed and dry clean professionally when necessary. Avoid excessive cleaning to prevent wear and tear.

Can I wear a tuxedo to a semi-formal event?

Check the dress code specified on the invitation or event guidelines, as you can wear tuxedos at semi-formal events. A suit may be more suitable for a semi-formal dress code. When in doubt, consult the event organizer or host.

What is the difference between a traditional tuxedo and a modern tuxedo?

Traditional tuxedos have classic details like satin-faced lapels, satin buttons, and a satin stripe on the trousers. Modern tuxedos offer more flexibility with lapel styles, fabrics, and colors. Choose based on personal preference and the event’s formality.

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