Summer Wedding Suits for Men

Summer weddings are a time of vibrant celebration. Mr. Guild’s collection of wedding suits boasts a spectrum of colors and patterns, ensuring every groom, groomsman, and guest finds the ideal ensemble.

For those seeking timeless elegance, our selection includes classic options such as BLACK and GREY suits. Capturing the essence of summer, our BLUE and GREEN suits embrace the serene ambiance of the season. For a touch of warmth and refinement, our BROWN and BURGUNDY suits lend a rich and inviting aura to summer weddings. For those desiring a pristine look, our CREAM and WHITE suits offer an air of purity and grace.

At Mr. Guild, we understand that variety is key when it comes to patterns. Choose from classic patterns like PIN STRIPES or opt for the charm of HOUNDSTOOTH for a touch of vintage-inspired flair. For those inclined toward contemporary style, our selection of CHEQUERED and BIRDSEYE patterns adds a modern twist to traditional suiting. For those who appreciate understated sophistication, our collection also includes PLAIN suits.

The Concept of Summer Wedding Suits for Men

Mr. Guild prioritizes comfort and fit in crafting wedding garments, ensuring grooms feel confident on their special day, regardless of color or pattern. Our summer wedding suits feature breathable fabrics like linen, chosen for optimal comfort even in warm climates. We offer a variety of fits to accommodate different body types and preferences, including Athletic, Fitted, Skinny, Slim fit, and Big & Large sizes, so every groom can find their perfect match. Furthermore, Mr. Guild’s commitment to inclusivity extends to its size range, which spans from 36 UK/US to 50 UK/US.

Quality and Craftsmanship of Mr. Guild’s Summer Wedding Suits

Mr. Guild’s philosophy centers on unwavering excellence, with a keen focus on detail and precision tailoring. Under Mr. Guild’s guidance, our skilled artisans craft suits that epitomize perfection. We carefully select premium fabrics like Linen for luxurious comfort and elegance, perfect for the warmth of summer. Expert stitching ensures durability. Choosing a Mr. Guild suit reflects sophisticated taste and enduring style, making it ideal for your summer wedding.

Innovative Design and Contemporary Styles

Mr. Guild’s summer wedding suits encapsulate a philosophy grounded in excellence and attention to detail. From the selection of premium fabrics to the precision tailoring by skilled artisans, each suit reflects a dedication to perfection that transcends trends and seasons.

At Mr. Guild, we provide a range of innovative designs and contemporary styles tailored to suit each groom’s taste and personality. Embrace the timeless allure of a classic 2-piece suit, perfect for those seeking a traditional yet refined look. Alternatively, elevate your ensemble with a distinguished 3-piece suit, exuding elegance and charm. Our range extends beyond the conventional, offering casual suits for more laid-back affairs, single and double-breasted options for a bold statement, and Italian suits for a touch of European flair. For the groom with a penchant for experimentation, our mix-and-match options allow you to blend textures, patterns, and colors, creating a truly bespoke ensemble.

Complete your wedding attire with our stunning footwear collection. Available in an array of colors, including various shades of blue, brown, cream, and black, our footwear options are designed to complement any suit color or style. Personalize your ensemble with finely crafted leather Oxfords, exude comfort with Loafers, or embrace a relaxed yet polished vibe with Wallabees. For those who want to infuse their attire with old-world charm, we offer Monk Straps, while Chelseas cater to those embracing contemporary elegance.

Mr. Guild’s Size Box: Determine Your Size

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but ensuring the perfect fit for every member of your groom party shouldn’t add to the stress. That’s where Mr. Guild’s Size Box comes in—a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the process of determining sizes for wedding suits. You’ll receive the Mr. Guild Size Box containing 8 suits ranging from UK36 to UK50. Upon receiving the Size Box, you and your groomsmen can try on each garment in every size. Our electronic size chart, accessible online throughout the purchasing journey, allows you to note the preferred sizes for each individual. The Mr. Guild Size Box is the preferred choice for grooms seeking a stress-free and efficient sizing solution.

Summer Wedding Suit Trends for Men

Summer wedding suits are moving away from slim fits and embracing classic and wide proportions. Double-breasted suits are gaining popularity, challenging the dominance of single-breasted styles. There’s a trend towards vintage-inspired suits, adding a unique touch to wedding attire. This allows grooms to express their style on their big day. For summer weddings, versatile colors are key. Blue suits match well with brighter wedding colors. Green suits add a touch of nature-inspired elegance to a wedding ensemble, particularly when paired with earthy tones or floral accents. White and cream suits evoke a sense of purity and simplicity, making them a classic choice for summer or beach weddings. Brown suits exude warmth and richness, while Burgundy suits bring a regal flair to weddings, offering a contrast to traditional color schemes. FInally, as fits become looser and lapels wider, everything else follows suit. Ties, collars, and shoes adapt to maintain balanced proportions.


What are the ideal colors for summer wedding suits?

Summer is the time to lighten up. While certain colors like black and navy will never be out of season, it’s advisable to sub out darker hues for lighter ones during the sunnier months of the year. A summer wedding calls for bright and bold colors, or at least the lighter side of neutral. Mr. Guild’s summer suits epitomize the essence of the season with vibrant tones and breathable fabrics.

How to dress for a summer wedding?

Dressing for a summer wedding involves considering various factors such as the types of summer fabrics, the venue’s atmosphere, and the specific style of summer wedding suit you choose.

What are the best summer wedding suit options?


What should a man wear to an outdoor summer wedding?

Many summer weddings occur outdoors or in settings like backyards and gardens. Therefore, dressing appropriately for these occasions, considering different times of the day and levels of formality, is crucial.

How to select the perfect summer wedding suit?

Selecting the perfect summer wedding suit is an art that prioritizes balancing style and comfort, not only for the groom but also for everyone attending the celebration. Mr. Guild’s summer suits, carefully tailored to embody both elegance and comfort.

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Prince Hendricks

Tailored slim fit white men's tuxedo with velvet peak lapels


Prince Steven

Tailored slim fit white double breasted men's tuxedo with black velvet peak lapels



Slim fit all black men’s double breasted suit with peak lapels


Bolton Street

Slim fit all cream men’s three piece suit with peak lapels


Grove Park

Slim fit dark blue double breasted men’s two piece suit with peak lapels


Helston Street

Slim fit all cream three piece men's suit with peak lapels



Slim fit dark navy blue men’s three piece suit with peak lapels


Ruben Close

Slim fit dark blue velvet three piece men's tuxedo suit with velvet shawl lapels


Staymore Close

Slim fit all black double breasted two piece men's tuxedo suit with peak satin lapels WITH DECORATIVE GOLD BUTTONS


Prince Wesley

Slim fit all black double breasted two piece men's tuxedo suit with peak satin lapels WITH DECORATIVE GOLD BUTTONS.


Prince Peter

Slim fit all black double breasted men's tuxedo suit with peak velvet lapels WITH DECORATIVE GOLD BUTTONS


Prince Harvey

Slim fit all black double breasted men's tuxedo suit with shawl lapels