Order a MrGuild size box which allows you and your party to try on and determine your exact suit size. Within the size box you will receive 7 suits sizes which range from a UK36 to a UK48. There is a fixed fee of £350 for the samples to be sent however, this is then deducted from you final order.

Step 1

Order your MrGuild size box

Receive your MrGuild size box which contains 7 suits which range from a UK36 to a UK48. These sizes cover all sizes that MrGuild cater for.

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Step 2

Sizes & Return

Determine the sizes required for you and your party and complete the form enclosed within the size box. Return the size box using the prepaid returns label.

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Step 3

Time to choose your suits

Once sizes have been identified you can now go ahead and choose your desired suit. When you are happy to complete your purchase, you can place your final order online using the unique discount code you received when ordering your size box, which will deduct £350 from

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